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Breast Cancer Research

Several years ago, an extremely well liked, positive influence within our department had the words breast cancer become a part of his daily vocabulary, as this terrible disease struck his wife. Throughout the years, our department family and the members of our actual families have tried to help, all the while feeling helpless to this man and his wife that mean so much to each of our lives. While these brave individuals sort out the new struggles in their lives, the only thing that will really make a difference remains finding a cure.

As a part of HeatSeeker Technology & Design’s desire to give back, we will donate a portion of each Rehab Unit sold to Breast Cancer Research or to organizations that provide support or assistance to families living with breast cancer such as First Descents. In some way, breast cancer has affected each of us in one way or another. Our mothers, wives, sisters, and friends deserve a true fire service effort to help someone find the cure.