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National Fallen Firefighter Foundation

Making A Difference By Giving Back

The founding of HeatSeeker Technology & Design in October of 2011, brought four fire service friends together for a specific purpose. To reduce the effects of exertional heat related illnesses contributing to injuries and fatalities of our Nations firefighters. During the establishment of the company, the four friends decided that as an organization we would commit to giving back. For these four friends, where you go and how you get there is only a small portion of the journey. The good things you do and the people you help along the way play a significant portion in the overall success of the organization. As a result, HeatSeeker Technology & Design will donate a portion of each Rehab Unit sold to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation® in the name of the purchasing Department. As an organization, the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation® works to lead the nationwide effort to remember America’s fallen firefighters and assist families and coworkers of these tragic events rebuild their lives. We believe that helping the people and organization that provide assistance to those that have already given so much to this service places us firmly on the right path.