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Who We Are

How We Got Our Start

One day in mid-October 2011, an odd, somewhat simplistic idea, came to founder Michael Robinson. As a firefighter for the last 19 years, Mike has served on the front lines protecting the community he lives in as both a volunteer firefighter and as a career firefighter. After a structure fire that almost took the life of one of his crew from heat stress he knew he had to find a better solution to help with this heat issue and after the 3rd fire for the shift, Mike looked at the lack of adequate rehabilitation, looked at the tired faces of the members of his station, and then decided to do something about it. Mike looked for existing technology, and then developed the Sixshooter. The initial rehab unit was a chrome plated/brass Akron cap with brass Ecologic Technologies misting nozzles drilled and attached to the unit


engraving a heatseeker rehab cap

Mike sought out the assistance of his son, also a career firefighter, and the assistance of 2 longtime friends who work as career Captain/Paramedics, to help figure out how to get the initial idea to other people. Mike also looked to his Station Lieutenant, an artist, to create and develop the initial image for the company.

Mike then signed an agreement with KochekĀ® an industry proven solution to fire service needs to provide his new organization with the caps needed to produce the Rehab Units. As a result, HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC has the ability to offer all HeatSeeker products in all of the available KochekĀ® colors and with laser engraving.

Next, Mike signed an agreement with Ecologic Technologies to provide the misting nozzles for the Rehab Units. This agreement gave Mike the ability to utilize misting nozzles in the units that provided the desired effect. Additionally, this agreement gave HeatSeeker Technology & Design the ability to offer Stainless Steel misting nozzles rather than brass, for increased durability and a much longer life.

In the end, HeatSeeker Technology & Design provides you with a low-cost alternative to costly misting or cooling fans and provides an immediate option for cooling firefighters on house fires, car wrecks, training, or any other cooling need. With our units, any fire service apparatus with water and a pump has the ability to begin to establish a better environment for personnel to cool off, get a quick drink, and rehab to get back into the fight.

rehab cap with misting nozzles to cool firefighters